Our eCommerce to ERP/RIP Solution

web2fabric is a complete solution for any digital printing company wanting to implement an on-demand solution from an ecommerce store.

Today's ecommerce platforms make it easy to sell cut 'n sewn products, fabric by the yard or wallcoverings. However, the product creation process is both time consuming and technically challenging for the typical store owner. Ecommerce products require; a description, product images and data & files needed to manufacture the product.

Our web2fabric technology simplifies & expedites this task; Creating products and all the data & files needed, IN MINUTES !

We have designed our product creation technology to allow both store owners and/or their clients to create products. Created products can be saved directly in a market place accesible to all store visitors, or in to a draft collection until approved by the store owner, or in to a secured collection only accessible by the product creator.

This latter option is ideal for digital printing companies wanting to offer their services to converters and product developers who do not want their creations visible or available to third parties. Converters and product developers can develop design and colorway variations prior to ordering high volume production.

Once a product is created, it's a seamless transition from product to cart to payment to production, leveraging the functionality of the ecommerce platform combined with our web2fabric technology.

Want to exponentially increase your client base, linking clients directly to your product manufacturing ?

One of the biggest challenges to digital printing companies is increasing their client base, cost effectively.

Ecommerce platform app pages are the first stop for thousands(millions) of store owners around the globe. We can provide digital printing companies with their own ecommerce app. The app would allow store owners to create and sell your products in their store. When those products are ordered, the app automatically sends all order details to your ERP/RIP, along with the clients payment.

Here's how the Converterfy lite Shopify app is used

Converterfy - a web based tool & ecommerce app that allows store owners or store clients to create ecommerce products, using their design. Converterfy automatically creates all the image and data assets required to print the fabric/media. Our automated image manipulation technology includes re-coloring, sizing, scaling, mirroring, rotating, repeating & drops, to ensure an exact production print template is created to your specifications for any product.

 Creates products in your ecommerce store.

 Supports, cut & sew products, fabric by the yard and wall covering strips & murals.

 Generates custom production print templates and data, matching your product specifications.

 Available as an ecommerce app allowing other store owners to create and order your products.

 Creates high quality product scenes.

P(rint) J(ob) D(elivery) - a cloud hosted tool that delivers everything that's needed directly to your RIP.

 Creates print files and delivers them to RIP Hot Folders.

 Generates XML/JDF files for RIP automation.

 Supports templates for cut 'n sew, step & repeat with drops for fabric by the yard and strips for repeatable or mural wall coverings.


Deliver Optimized XML/JDF

for fabric by the yard

Create Templates

for cut 'n sewn products

Build Wallcovering Strips

For Murals and Repeats

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