Simply copy, paste and customize this text to display the image in your EZC app enabled Shopify store.

<div class="ProductVisualizer-main" data-product="{{ }}" data-design="designurl" data-design-width="260" data-design-height="260" data-repeat="1"></div>

App Tag Variables


The image file to be rendered.


Real world image width in mm.


Real world image height in mm.


Repeat the image to fill the product scene.


Set a horizontal(x) drop as a factor of the image width.


Set a vertical(y) drop as a factor of the image height.


Shift the image position from the scene origin.


Shift the image position from the scene origin.


The number of degrees to rotate the image.


Flips the design left to fight.


Render a color instead of an image.

Why Use EZC ?

Why Use EZC ?


$29.95 Per month, after a 30 day free trial. One trial per store is allowed.

Yes, click HERE to open it in a new tab.

If you would like pictures of your products preparing and adding to the library, after we have reviewed the image(s) for suitability, a price per scene will be confirmed which is typically between $25 - $150.

The size of the returned image will be the same as the size of the scene that you assigned to the product, with a maximum of 1,000 x 1,000 pixels.

To use the EZC app you need to be able to copy, paste and modify a single line of HTML code in to your store theme. The app provides you with the default line of code and you modify it to suit your requirements, before copying it in to your page code.

The EZC HTML code is typically used to replace the original code in your theme that displays a product image.

Current Scenes Included With App

We're adding new scenes all the time or we can create scenes using photographs of your actual products. Contact us to learn more about this service. Each product image will be reviewed for suitability and a price per scene will be confirmed before we process the image. Pricing typically varies from $25 - $150 per image.


DPInnovations Inc.

DPInnovations Inc. was formed in 2000 from the US subsidiary of Wirth Software GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany. Today DPInnovations operate as a privately held autonomous company with zero debt and more than 300 clients around the globe.

We develop, market, sell, install and support all aspects of website development for companies offering a digital textile printing service using our web2fabric tools. This includes the supply, installation and training on leading RIP, workflow automation, profile creation & color management solutions.

We also offer consultancy services, leveraging the skills and knowledge acquired from implementing color management, profile creation and RIP solutions in leading companies around the globe.

EZC is our latest tool delivering professional dynamic product simulations to your website.


Email us and we'll contact you personally to tell you more about EZC

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